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Question & Answer

So for how long have you been a chiropractor?

I graduated in November of 2007 and started seeing patients right away.

What kind of patients are you seeing?

Anyone and everyone…it's NYC...I have patients presenting with neck and low back pain from carrying kids all day; athletes that have encountered various injuries from either the gym or playing field; waitresses, construction workers and healthcare professionals that really just don’t get off their feet for hours; and this being NYC, a lot of office related professions…programmers, secretaries, those that just sit all day…they’re my biggest group of patients.  The majority present with neck, low back, hip, knee & shoulder pain but I see anything from carpal tunnel to planter fasciitis.

What kind of services are you providing?

So as chiropractors, we provide manipulative therapy and also physical therapy to help get our patients back to their non-painful, ideally functioning state.  We utilize modalities such as electric stimulation to help in alleviating the sensation of pain, heat or cryo-therapy for their desired effects on the body, proper stretching, medical massage or muscle work to help ease muscle tension, and lastly manipulation and decompression which is used to increase range of motion in underperforming regions of the spine and body as well as to alleviate pressure on surrounding nerves and joints.  This allows for some breathing room with regards to that joint space and the surrounding tissue complex. 

What are my expectations, how soon will it take for me to feel better?

Everybody moves at different pace when it comes to recovery...although most patients feel improvement immediately after their first visit others may require a little more time.  Many different factors come into play such as the individual's level of fitness prior to and during the onset of pain, their age, the severity and event of injury, and also how activities of daily living influence the patient's progress...I advise patients to, well, be patient as recovery may take time.  Everyone is given a treatment plan which acts as a road map to recovery.  These treatment plans were based on numerous studies at the practice level.  Throughout care, objective measurements will be kept and if needed referrals will be made.

If I’m in good shape, why should I see a chiropractor?

Well, you don't have to, it's up to the you the patient and yes, chiropractic isn’t just for being in a state of pain, although it is a great option for getting out of it.  Receiving chiropractic care keeps a body well mobilized and ready to handle load and stress when acted upon in our daily routines while at the same time improving our posture and helping to minimize degenerative changes within the spine, Immobilization Degeneration...I’ll put it this way…patients that regularly utilize maintenance care understand the benefits by their improved posture, enhanced physical performance and speedy recovery times in times of pain and more importantly those patients realize that a lack of maintenance care negatively impacts their posture, physical performance and makes for slower recovery times.

Is chiropractic growing?

Yes, but I think it’s got a ways to go.  Many still don’t get it but hopefully after reading this there is a better understanding for it and for its potential.  For example chiropractic care is highly sought after in the sporting realm as many professional organizations utilize chiropractic care to maintain the peak performance of their athletes.  Now just because someone isn’t a professional athlete they shouldn’t think to be excluded from getting the care to help them in their everyday lives.  It benefits the one sitting at a desk for hours on end just as much as it does for the professional quarterback or sprinter by decreasing compressive forces placed upon the body brought on by weight bearing activities or simple inactivity via decompression and mobility induction.  This aids in keeping the body fluid and adds to longevity in their daily routine.

How often do I come?

If you are in strictly in for maintenance care and don’t have an acute problem, I advise once per week in dealing with the compounding physical stresses of our everyday routines.   If you have an injury that requires more than maintenance care then a more formal treatment plan will be prescribed.

How about the cost?

Very reasonable.  I'm contracted with the major insurance carriers...Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, UHC, Oxford and others insurance plans so in these cases it's usually the copayment on their insurance card, if any...and for those without insurance they will see that chiropractic therapy is very reasonably priced.  I advise all my patients and any prospective patients that if they have any questions regarding their condition(s) or payment to just reach out as I’m always welcoming consultations.

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