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Office Policy

Appointment Policy

First Time Appointments

For any first time appointment that is missed or has an untimely cancellation or is rescheduled in an untimely manner (within 3 hours of an appointment), a hold payment of $20 will be made via Venmo or Credit Card to hold the next appointment.  Upon presentation, your hold payment will be refunded and payment will proceed for services as usual.  Missing an appointment or having an untimely cancellation / rescheduling of an appointment that has a hold payment upon it will NOT be refunded.

If you choose not to leave a hold payment you can still come in as a walk-in patient.

Subsequent Appointments

  • Cancellation / Rescheduling made within 3 hours of the appointment time or missing an appointment: $100 fee

  • More than 10 minutes late for an appointment: $100 fee, (every effort will be made to fit you in)

  • Declining an examination or treatment at the time of the visit for any reason: $100 fee

  • All fees are compounding per instance of appointment policy violation

  • For same-day appointments, patients have 30 minutes from the time of booking to cancel / reschedule their appointment when made within or leading up to and within 3 hours of the appointment time without charge 

We understand that unexpected events may occur which necessitate a cancellation or missing an appointment and as such we allow patients 30 days for the appointment violations mentioned above to be re-executed without having any fees applied to the patient’s account...just payment for services as any other visit.

A note on our appointment policy...

When a patient misses an appointment or has an untimely cancellation or rescheduling, this prevents other patients in need of care from obtaining treatment as that time frame cannot be filled due to short notice.


Walk-in Appointments

Walk-ins will be accepted upon availability with appointments taking precedence.

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